Expertise, Service and Value…

Each of the Global team members averages over 20 years of experience providing quality solutions for major process, research/development, and commercial projects around the world.


We maximize the value of capital investments by:

  • Preparing the Owner’s documents for internal review
  • Organizing meetings and project communication
  • Record keeping of critical information
  • cGMP continuity monitoring and management
  • Preparing information needed to facilitate the decision process
  • Analyzing physical progress, forecasting and change management
  • Providing direct support to the project team in their efforts
  • Management of mission critical and non-mission critical programs

Typical documentation and assistance includes:

  • User Requirements Specifications
  • Management of cGMP Requirements
  • Management of Design and Construction Services
  • Conceptual Design and Development
  • Process Optimization, Design and Review
  • Management of Validation Services
  • Documents for Contracting and Evaluation of Services
  • Measuring, Forecasting, Change Management
  • Value Engineering by Certified Value Specialists (CVS)
  • Preparation and execution of FAT / SAT Protocols
  • Full Validation Services


Value is measured by functionality. Determining the optimum value is difficult to quantify without reviewing examples, developing ideas, and evaluating options. The lowest initial cost is not always the greatest value for capital and can actually lead to significant additional capital to attain functionality.

Our staff is dedicated to maximizing the value of the capital investment through functional analysis, definition and weighting key investment attributes that measure success.

  • Planning, measuring, forecasting and change control
  • Complete documentation of User Requirements
  • Process simulation analysis and operating scheme optimization
  • Evaluating cGMP requirements and specifications
  • Optimizing CIP and SIP systems improving operation
  • Integrating service providers, schedules and responsibilities
  • Assuring accurate and relevant data is available at the right time
  • Facilitating decision making within diverse teams
  • cGMP management throughout the program
  • Facility arrangements and working flows for cGMP

The Global Team…

We strive to blend our talents with your team in support of your success by building honest, productive relationships through our loyalty and commitment. We take ownership in resolving issues and supporting your objectives.



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