Taking the Lead or Supporting Your Project Team…

Our objective is to provide value and support to our client's project team. We’ve developed a unified philosophy of services to our clients at any level in support of their success.

Often, clients are developing an internal team at the beginning of a project. We support the initial team as they grow to full capacity during the “process of engineering”. By providing the setup, structuring and evaluation tools as part of our responsibility, we supplement and complement the client ’s existing team as it grows. We keep the project on track and reduce the change orders normally resulting from schedule delays and inefficiencies by contractors.


Bio and Pharmaceuticals

  • Large Scale Mammalian Cell Culture Facilities:
    - ImClone
    - Amgen
    - Merck KGaA
    - Genentech
    - Medarex
  • Launch Scale Cell Culture Facilities:
    - ImClone
    - Genetics Institute
    - Merck KGaA
    - Lentigen
  • Solid Dosage, Parenterals and cGMP Warehouse Facilities:
    - Merck Sharpe & Dohme
    - Merck KGaA
    - Liposome
    - Johnson & Johnson


  • Large Scale Vaccine Facilities:
    - sanofi pasteur
    - Novartis
  • Small Molecule Therapeutic Production Facilities:
    - Roche
    - Syntex
    - Novo Nordisk
    - Schering
    - Bracco
  • Laboratory and Research Facilities:
    - Medarex
    - Genzyme
    - Tufts
    - Merck Sharpe & Dohme

We will be resident and integrated within our client's team and dedicated to its success. Through our personal commitment we hope to differentiate ourselves by "Optimizing the Process".



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